Okay, so this is a brief explanation of the verses I have set up for Desmond. This post will be edited as necessary. Better names are pending, this is just what I'm pulling off the top of my head.

Blood Lies: In this verse, Des and Jude ([livejournal.com profile] thatsamesadsong) have recently been tracked down by a private investigator hired by Adam Edwards ([livejournal.com profile] offamilylegacy), and have learned that their parentage has been a lie. Though raised by Joseph Molloy, their biological father is really David Edwards ([livejournal.com profile] lightsandaction). Now they must work through the lies and figure out how to rebuild, while accomodating this new information, and new family.

Boom Town: Desmond as I originally created him, womanizing alcoholic that he is. He's sharing a townhouse with his brother, Jude. He's a freelance graphic designer.

Doll: A verse set up with [livejournal.com profile] spongetastic, where Desmond is pursuing a relationship with doll!Peter. Desmond is a superhero, Faze, in this one. He currently knows Peter as Michael. Recently, Desmond tried to save Peter from the Dollhouse and was forced into servitude to the Dollhouse. He is known as Quebec.

Forbidden: Desmond and Jude are secretly harboring feelings for each other. Obviously, this verse features TWINCEST Not your thing? That's cool, not forcing anybody to like it, but don't flame me because I'm choosing to write it.

Little Secret: Desmond's ex-fiancée, Laura Harden, randomly showed up on his doorstep one day, depositing a two year old boy, Jackson Theodore Molloy, claiming that he is Desmond's son. DNA testing has proven that Jack is Desmond's, and he is learning the ups and downs of single fatherhood.


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