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Des was really glad that Peter seemed to be responding well to the kissing. He'd been afraid the looking alike would be an issue. It didn't bother him in the slightest because he'd been affectionately kissing his twin brother Jude for years. Making the leap to something more with a lookalike wasn't too far of a stretch.

He kept the kiss light and casual at first, then slowly deepened it, nibbling at Peter's lip. His free hand snaked down the other man's back, easily untucking his shirt from his pants so he could slide his hand under the material, fingers stroking the small of Peter's back.
notaballad: (Fingers against mouth)

You Are a Serial Killer Movie

You find the evil of other people to be fascinating, and you are obsessed with the twisted minds of serial killers.

Forget the devil, vampires, or random monsters... no one is capable of as much terror as a human is.

You love the psychological drama and mystery that comes with serial killer films. Being scared is just not enough for you!

You like films that explore the sick killings of a murderer... the sicker the better. You go for movies like Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, and Zodiac.

Huh... I thought for sure I'd get something else. I mena, Yeah, I like American Psycho, but I haven't even seen the other two films. :(


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