May 19, 2006
Desmond swallowed heavily as he watched – via the full length mirror he stood in front of -- his brother adjust his bowtie. He’d never really mastered that art, but Jude made it look so easy. Desmond supposed that it came from so many award shows and CD release parties his jazz musician twin had to attend.

They were dressed identically in black tuxedos with crimson cummerbunds and the only distinguishing feature was the long bangs that flopped into Jude’s face. Desmond’s hair, while long in the front, was elegantly swept back and gelled to stay in place. The special occasion for which they were dressed was neither an award show nor a CD release party; it was Desmond’s wedding.

The bride, Laura Harden, had been Desmond’s girlfriend for nearly a year and a half, and he’d proposed six months ago. Jude had argued with him that it was too soon, but Des – ever the stubborn twin – had gone ahead and proposed anyway. Now, unfortunately, fifty nine minutes before he was supposed to walk down the aisle, Desmond Jones Molloy was wishing that he’d actually listened to his older brother.
Jude could tell that his twin was nervous... )
[Jude is [ profile] thatsamesadsong and is used with permission and love. Laura is a product of my imagination. No brides were harmed in the making of this fic.]
You've just been transported ten years in your past. Where are you and what do you see?

The year is 1999, and Desmond Molloy is seventeen years old, a high school senior who's counting down the days until he's free. He's roused out of bed by his twin brother, Jude, and the first thing that he does once the covers are shoved aside and he's gotten out of bed is grab a red Sharpie marker off the bedside table, uncap it and draw a big X through that date's square on the calendar. He grins brightly, giving a satisfied nod. It's the 22nd of May, which is a special day in and of itself because it means that Jude and Des are turning eighteen, but it also signifies that there are only eight days of school left before he graduates.
He's beyond excited... )

Sexy jazz musician seeks health nut baseball lover for fun sexy times. Included in purchase is an awesome twin brother with hunky boyfriend ready to dish out advice, etc. Contact Jude at [ profile] thatsamesadsong!
Oops, drabbles are supposed to be 100 words, right? This is a little bit over. My bad

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