Des chuckled as he stretched, flopped on the couch while he watched TV. Gabriel was in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes from dinner. Des had tried to help him, but he'd just kept getting in the way and distracting Gabriel by grabbing his ass. Gabriel had finally had to banish Des to the living room, citing the fact that he wanted to get the work done before it was morning.

He arched an eyebrow as he heard a knock at the door, and he tossed the remote onto the couch as he sat up. "Hey, Gabriel, were you expecting somebody?" he called toward the kitchen as he got to his feet.

"What? No," Gabriel called back. "Who is it?"

"I have no idea!" Des yelled. "Gimme a chance to answer the door, babe!" He laughed lightly and then crossed over to the door, glancing through the peephole. He sucked in a startled breath, completely shocked by the sight of a petite brunette, a toddler balanced on her hip. He recognized her, but it had been a good two, almost three years since he'd last seen her. Part of him wanted to turn away from the door and just pretend that nobody was home, but he knew that she would probably knock again, and then Gabriel would come out and answer the door himself, making things even more awkward.
His mouth was dry, and he tried to swallow... )
“...I’m not going to argue this with you again, dammit! I’ve had this discussion with you before, and I’ve tried to be a civilized adult, but you’re just too damn stubborn to listen!”

Gabriel frowned as he closed the front door of the apartment he shared with Desmond, his boyfriend’s angry voice the first thing that reached his ears. He could tell that Desmond was on the phone, and he shrugged off his light jacket, hanging it up on a peg near the door. “Des?” he said softly as he crept down the hall. It had sounded like Desmond’s voice was coming from the bedroom.

Desmond scowled, oblivious to the fact that his boyfriend was behind him. He was standing next to the bedside table with his back to the doorway, the phone to his ear, and he shook his head in anger. “Listen to me, Grandma. You’ve got two options here -- you can just accept the fact that I’m in love with Gabriel and that I’m going to stay in love with him or you can go fuck yourself!”
Gabriel winced at the reverberation of Desmond slamming the phone down into its cradle... )
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Desmond, when he was asleep (and quite honestly, most of the time when he was awake, as well), didn’t know the meaning of the words “personal space.” More often than not, Gabriel would wake up to his boyfriend’s comatose body draped across him in some fashion. He’d never really shared a bed with someone so clingy before, but Gabriel found that the longer Des and he slept in the same bed, the more he got used to it. On the nights when he stayed at his own apartment, Gabriel had surprised himself by being unable to sleep because he didn’t have the comforting weight of his lover against his body.

The same lack of sleep had plagued Desmond as well, but it wasn’t something that either of them would have to worry about ever again. They were settling into bed on their first night in their new apartment together, and Gabriel grinned as he felt the mattress dip as Desmond crawled into the bed. Gabriel felt an arm slip around his waist and couldn’t stop the smile that played across his face as Desmond curled up against his back.

“So,” he said quietly, his hand moving down to cover Desmond’s, which rested against his stomach.

Desmond smiled and placed a soft kiss on the curve of Gabriel’s shoulder. “So.”
'Here we are, in our own apartment...' )
Desmond stood at the sink, actually washing his dirty dishes for once instead of just dropping them into his dishwasher. His back was to the kitchen door and, as far as he knew, he was alone in the apartment. He didn't hear the front door being opened, his boyfriend Gabriel using the key that Desmond had given him for their three month anniversary.

"All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms," Desmond sang, oblivious to the fact that Gabriel was within hearing distance. "Words are very unnecessary, pain can only do harm." He continued to wash the dishes, his head bobbing and his body swaying to the music playing in his head.
Gabriel frowned slightly... )


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