Oops, drabbles are supposed to be 100 words, right? This is a little bit over. My bad

Solace )
The Powers that Be (whomever they may be in your 'verse) have decreed that you must lose all your memories. You are allowed to keep two memories, which are they?

I only get to keep two memories? Really? That's it? Out of all of the experiences in my life, you expect me to narrow it down to just two? Does remembering my name count? Because I mean, that should be a freebie. Of course I'd want to remember my name. You can't take away all of my memories and not at least leave with the knowledge of who I am. A name is a pretty powerful thing and without it, I'm, well, I'm nothing.

So, assuming that I'm going to automatically remember my name because you're kind and generous PTB, I've still got two memories I can choose to keep. Two. Only two.

My twin. Please don't let me forget Jude. You can take every single other memory that I have -- hell, you can even take my name -- but don't take him. He's only four minutes older than me, but he's half of my soul. He's more than just my brother, he's my best friend, my confidante, my trusted companion. He's my moral compass, my advice giver, my comforter. He's the one person, more than anyone, that it physically hurts me to disappoint. He is my role model and my worst critic. He is, well, he is Jude. Like I said, take everything else, but leave me the memory of Jude as my brother. I trust him with my life.

And, if I've still got a memory left to keep and you are counting my name as a freebie, don't take Tegan either. She's a stunningly beautiful woman with a gigantic heart and a deep, serene soul. She's changed me in ways that I can't even properly fathom, but they've been changes for the better. She makes me want to be a better person, and I can't tell you how much I love her.


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