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Forehead: Des feels like the worst parent in the world right now. He'd left three year old Jack playing with his toys on the living room floor and gone to the bathroom. He'd just finished his business and was washing his hands when he'd heard a thunk followed by a loud wail. His heart had leapt into his chest, and he'd raced into the living room to find Jack sprawled out on his stomach, a bunch of books and DVDs strewn around him.

The little boy is screaming as Des picks him up, cradling him against his chest. "Shh, Jacky, you're okay," Des says in a soothing voice as he checks the little boy over for cuts and bruises. Des doesn't see any blood, so he relaxes a bit. He presses a kiss to Jack's forehead, rocking him gently, and then sighs as Jack's wails turn to sniffles. Des glances at the bookcase and sees a shelf hanging crookedly. He winces as he glances up the bookcase and sees Jack's rubber duck. Des had been picking up toys earlier and set the duck up there without a thought.

"Were you trying to get Mr. Duck?" he asks his son as he picks up the plastic toy and hands it to Jack.

Jack's face lights up as he takes the duck. "Ducky!" he exclaims, squeezing the duck and showing it to his daddy.

Des just chuckles and presses a kiss to Jack's forehead again. Apparently he'll have to keep a better eye on his adventurous, daredevil kid.

Nose: Des smiles brightly, his heart swelling with pride. He's at Jack's preschool for their Christmas pageant, and Jack's onstage, dressed up like one of Santa's elves. They're singing Christmas carols, and Jack is the loudest one. Sure, he's singing off-key and he's messing up a word here and there, but he's enthusiastic and grinning, so he's clearly enjoying himself. Des loves to see his kid so happy, so when the concert is over, he claps the loudest, cheering for his son.

Jack giggles and runs to his daddy, jumping off the edge of the stage. A bunch of parents let out startled gasps but Des is right there to catch the boy, and he grins brightly as he spins his son around. Then he hugs Jack close and presses a kiss to his nose. "You were great, kiddo!" he says, oblivious to the glares of the other parents.

Jack clings to his daddy, beaming brightly, his face flushed with excitement. "Daddy, we go get hot chocwate now, wight?" he says.

Des laughs as he carries Jack out of the auditorium. "Yeah, I haven't forgotten my promise. You get to have all the hot chocolate you want!"

Cheek: Des has always been an affectionate kind of guy, loving to give hugs and kisses to people he knows well. He tries to instill that affection in Jack, and the toddler seems to be taking to it well. He happily accepts Des' hugs and kisses and returns them, and Des is happy because he's finally found someone who doesn't pull away from his affection like Jude has been known to do.

Jack's just waking up from his nap and he rolls out of bed, toddling down the hall. He squeals with laughter as Des grabs him up. "Mwahaha, I gotcha!" Des exclaims, lifting Jack up over his head and then bringing the boy back down. He kisses Jack's cheek and then pretends to nibble the side of his face, grinning as Jack squeals again and wiggles.

"Daddy!" the little boy exclaims. "No nom! No nom!"

"Yesssss, nom nom!" Des protests, laughing. He playfully growls and then chuckles, setting Jack down and watching him toddle off, squealing with laughter.

Lips: It's a rainy Sunday afternoon and Des is sacked out on the couch, catching a quick snooze. Jude has taken Jack for an outing to the zoo, giving Des a much-needed break. Des isn't worried about being asleep when they get back; Jude has a key to Des' apartment, after all.

He doesn't even hear them when the door opens; he's snoring lightly, one arm hanging off the couch. One leg is draped over the back of the couch, and Jude snorts a little. "Uh oh, Jack," he says quietly, "looks like Daddy got a visit from the Sandman. How will we ever wake him up?"

"I can do it, I can do it!" Jack exclaims as he rushes over to his daddy's side. He'd just watched Sleeping Beauty with his dad not too long ago, so he eagerly plants a wet kiss on his daddy's lips and then leans back, waiting expectantly. He cheers loudly when Des groggily opens his eyes. "Yay! I broke the curse! Unca Jude, I broke the curse!"

Des blinks in surprise and shoots a curious look at his twin, who only laughs and shakes his head. "I'll explain later," Jude promises.

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